Rosanne Lo

A small, yes small in size artist - who has a big passion for creating works that can tell stories that bring people into a different world. I may be introverted but I like to work in groups because I love to exchange feedback with peers.

Coming from the land below the wind, I am proud to have been a part of the local short film team and worked on the backgrounds used in the film. The project meant a lot to me as an artist and I hope to give back to the local art community.

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Legend of Ancient Borneo

Some background works I did for a local short film in my hometown of Kota Kinabalu, featuring local artists and animators.

The Return

The sunrise depicts a renewal of spirit. The mountain depicted is Mt.Kinabalu, a mountain sacred to the locals from my hometown. The locals believe their souls return to the mountain after death hence the title.

The Encounter

Based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Follow the Path

A scene inspired by an audio drama.