Rosie Hunter

I am an aspiring editorial illustrator, creating digital work for both in print and on-screen. I aim to make thought-provoking work that communicates ideas efficiently and imaginatively. I enjoy visual problem solving and ideas generation, often using visual metaphors to respond to briefs or articles creatively. My aim as an illustrator is to make work that is approachable and accessible to people in their everyday lives, using visual communication to educate and inform. Throughout my degree, I have developed into a motivated, hard-working, passionate illustrator with a consistent visual language and strong ideas behind my work, consolidated by my

love for research. I excel in both a teamwork setting and when working independently on briefs and commissions. I push myself to make work on a variety of topics such as social media, mental health, education, business, gender, social justice issues, science and medicine.

'How Does Social Media Make You Feel?'

An editorial discussing the effect of social media on mental health.

'The Many Faces Of Fake News'

A satirical editorial illustration on fake news, used as the cover image of a 'fake news' newspaper created as part of a university degree project.

'The Gender Pain Gap'

An editorial discussing the misdiagnosis of health issues experienced by people assigned female at birth. These health issues are often related to reproductive health, for example, conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Endometriosis.

'Cutting The Heart Strings'

An editorial discussing proposed funding cuts to arts courses in higher education. This piece uses the recognisable symbol of the masks of Thalia and Melpomene from Ancient Greek theatre, both with sad expressions to symbolise this tragedy for creative students.

'Lewy Body Dementia: A Rollercoaster Of Cognitive Ability And Emotion'

An editorial discussing the experiences of dementia by sufferers and their families and carers described as a 'rollercoaster.'

'Functionally Extinct: Forgotten Love Songs Of Lonely Lovebirds'

An editorial illustration discussing the impending extinction of a species of Australian lovebird, who has lost the ability to learn mating calls as a result of habitat loss. Hence the Akon 'Lonely' song reference.