Adam Al-Shantir

As an eager interior designer with a broad spectrum of interests within the creative field, my curiosity with design and its ability to enhance the world around us is what drives my creative practice. Ultimately, I strive to create designs in which the natural world and the man-made cohabitate harmoniously, and provide the user or inhabitant with a unique experience that displays the astounding ability our surroundings have in shaping our lives. As designers, I believe that we have a tremendous responsibility to make well-considered decisions when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our planet.

The Hive Exterior Visualisation

FMP - The Hive

Hive was conceived by searching for ways in which other lifeforms could inspire the design process and enhance the living experience. Bee’s travel extensively and are incredibly social creatures that live in large communities where they work as a team to ensure the success and safety of the colony. This inspired me to come up with a design that supports a diverse community of people with spaces focusing on connectivity between indoor and outdoor areas. Practicing playfulness and freedom of movement through the design, and reducing constraints to a bare minimum, residents will be provided with a wide range of facilities and spaces to encourage spontaneity and exploration.

The Hive Balcony

FMP - The Hive Balcony Visual

The Hive Mezzanine Dining

FMP - The Hive Mezzanine Dining Visual