Ammar Khorshed

A passionate interior designer who has a strong relationship with creativity and authenticity. I am able to bring concepts to life through models and visualizations. I strive to innovate spaces to add character and boldness. Everything around me inspires my work, I believe there is greater aesthetic value to the unnoticed detail. Having synesthesia has given me the ability to design with a unique approach. I love to be hands-on with my clients to achieve their needs and desires. Whilst designing I focus on all elements to a design (form, function, sound, scent and touch) to achieve an overall

unique user experience.


Selfish, is a wellness centre/retreat, aiding peoples physical and mental wellbeing. I have used the elements earth, water and air for my design scheme. Creating a connected community space for like-minded people. Inspired by natural surroundings, reconnecting self with nature.

Home Sweet Home

A multi-generational home catering for a family of 8, situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Inspired by the locals culture and traditions, the house is designed around a courtyard which invites the family in for regular family gatherings.


Designing for a local based retail store in Bristol. The brand is called “Foundhea” and my theme/concept was Urbanism. I used a variety of materials to translate the space into a mini city dedicating the rooms to different

DOM-INO House Project

A getaway home designed for Olafur Eliasson on the beautiful Avon Gorge. Inspired by nature and Eliassions, workstyle and hometown. The home is inviting with a contemporary style, capturing stunning views from different spots in the house.

Pavilion Project

Located in Temple Church, Victoria St, this pavilion is designed to invite people with a situated coffee bar, targeted for students and working employees in the area. Inspired by the Church’s rich history, the modular form was a manipulated shape