Daniela-Francesca Belean

I am an enthusiastic interior designer whose focus is sustainability and model making. As a designer I understand the importance of sustainability and taking care of the planet, so my aim is to cause as little impact on the environment as possible.

My years at university have taught me that I am a passionate model maker. I think through making therefore creating models is a vital part of each stage of my projects. I also come from an art background, so I like to add an artistic twist to my concept models during early stages of projects which helps me

generate unique design ideas later on.

A house sitting at the edge of a cliff face.

Domino House

An external view of a space designed for the artist Abraham Cruzvillegas, that offers a quiet living/working environment. Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Domino house, this structure is covered in tree bark panels that blend into the surrounding area.

The interior of a dark space that is light up by floor to ceiling lights that create line patterns on the surrounding walls.

Lighting Design

A light fixture design, for a retail space, that I created using a series of photographs of paper prototype models I produced. The line patterns created by the light, were inspired by the tall columns in the existing building.

a scale model of a water tower with a couple of outlines of people to give perspective of large size of the water tower.

Water Tower Model

A 1:50 cardboard scale model of the Durdham Downs Water Tower, the site for my final major project.

A collage of a broken plate and a black outline of the break created in the plate.

The Beauty in being Broken

For my final major project, I am exploring the concept of seeing the beauty in the broken. I produced a series of experiments by smashing objects and putting them back together and emphasizing the broken parts.

A new material created using pinecone pieces and jesmonite.

Creating a New Material

I like to use the site as inspiration for my projects so for this piece I decided to combine pinecone pieces, that I collected on my site visit, with jesmonite and created a new material that I used as flooring.

A collection of random objects (eg. pinecones, berries, rocks, tree bark, a bottle cap) turned into an unconventional sculpture.

Found Objects

This is an unconventional sculpture I created, as a site response, using random objects I found during a site visit. This process was inspired by my hypothetical client: Abraham Cruzvillegas, an artist that creates sculptures using discarded, found objects.