Emma Kayne

As an Interior Designer, I believe in the power of good design realising the potential of any space and making it work for the inhabitants. I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the elements which will inhabit it. This involves considered choices teamed with detailed research and planning.

Designing bespoke fittings and materials which have a relationship with a space is my strong point. I am very hard-working, passionate about design and always learning new techniques which aid my design process and development.

Perspective Section showing the light atrium space. AutoCad, SketchUp, VRay and Photoshop collage.

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The Acraman Art Museum, Bristol

The reinvention of the Arnolfini site using the entire space to create a dedicated light-infused Art Museum with Galleries, Art Learning Zones, Restaurants, Retail, and Social Spaces. The design elements are inspired by the rich history of the location.

Interior Visualisation, Level 0. SketchUp, VRay and Photoshop render.

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Box E Restaurant - Bristol

A new home for the Michelin-rated Bristol restaurant. A journey through the restaurant creates theatre for the guests, culminating in dining whilst watching the culinary whizz at work at his Chef's table.

The House & Occupants changing over time. SketchUp, VRay and Photoshop.

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The Shapeshifter. A Sustainable and Flexible House.

Constructed from recycled glass and pulp Miscanthus, this design offers flexible living which can be added to over lifetimes to suit multiple needs for all generations. Age and Environment friendly, recyclable, and with Passivhaus attributes.

Studio live and work space. Photoshop Collage.

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A Live/Work Artist Residence for Olafur Eliasson.

Using Le Corbusier's Dom-Ino House as a basis, this design inserts the house into the rockface at Goat's Gully, Bristol to create clearly defined public, private, and even secret spaces for the occupant.

Staircase. Tabourettli Theatre, Basel, Switzerland

1:12 Scale Model of the Architect Santiago Calatrava's staircase. Materials: Card, Metal, Perspex, Aluminium and wire.

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Surface Manipulation - Pavilion

Inserted into the bomb-damaged Grade II listed site of Temple Church, Bristol, this distressed steel and glass permanent Pavilion is for use by local community groups. Designing and manipulating surface materials is a key part of my practice.