Hannah Thompson

I am an aspiring high-end residential designer with a passion for bespoke interiors that celebrate materials and textures. I believe that interiors should stand the test of time and encompass comfort, sophistication and practicality. Most importantly, Interior Design should be tailored to each client and their definition of luxury.

I am also an experienced Home Stylist, having worked for a leading Home Staging company in London in which I styled high-end properties in Chelsea, Belgravia and St. John's Wood. Through this experience, I improved my ability to work at a consistently high standard, taking properties from the initial phases

of a stage to completion ready to be handed over to a client the same day.

Somnio House - Reservoir Space

[somnĭo (latin) dream; dream of or see in a dream] Somnio House is a private residence that connects the inhabitant to the elements of water, air and earth, allowing the mind to be set free to daydream in each space.

Somnio House - Flotation Pool

The Reservoir is a space for complete physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. The central flotation pool aims to relieve stress and tension within a weightless environment, providing a unique feeling of relaxation and calmness within a vast body of water.

Somnio House - Excavation Space

The ‘basement’ of the house provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously connect with the elements of water and earth. The seat back is angled at 130 degrees, which ergonomic research shows is the optimum angle for relaxation.

Somnio House - Excavation Space

My aim was to create a space in which the client could become one with the earth as the illusive reflections of a glass ceiling filled with water fall down onto the textural rammed concrete walls.

Somnio House - Living Space

Inside the Water Tower, a central glass atrium runs the entire height of the building, allowing sunlight to flood through the formal living area, connecting the house to the element of air.

Somnio House - Cast Concrete Model

The sectional model of the Excavation Space was casted in layers of concrete; each one precisely poured to create a distinctive stratified effect reflecting rock formations - inspired by my research into the surrounding topography of the site.