Kenna-aimie Hickton

I am an aspiring Interior Designer who loves to branch out and learn across disciplines when creating a project. I thrive in learning and understanding all areas of my design from research to concept and proposal, in order to create a well thought out and innovative piece of spatial design. I believe that the future of design for practitioners today is to create and make detailed decisions with a full understanding of how that will impact the user positively both physically and mentally. I create conscious design that considers user experiences and details to create a unique impactful atmosphere

for all.


The Shell is a rejuvenation center to reduce stress and anxiety in the heart of Bristol's city center. The Shell is designed to move an overactive brain into a tranquil stress-free state using all the knowledge neuroscience has discovered.

The Shell

The Shell is built as an insertion inside the existing historical structure to preserve the building and create transitional spaces between. This idea of Complementary contrasting the old with the new was inspired by the likes of architect Steven Holl.

The Shell - Exploded Axonometric

The use and design was inspired by a poem that reads " A shell that sang so sweetly she couldn't remember her troubles". This drawing shows the uses of the space and how the insertion fits into the existing shell.

The Shell - Blue Mind

The Shell is designed to create an environment that switches users mental state from overactive and stressful to calm and tranquil using advances in neuroscience and design to achieve this. Including our instinctive relationship with water, lighting and materiality.

The Shell - Facade

The Shells Facade is designed to be a curtain wall system with a bespoke glass design inspired by native underwater forms. The panels move to create openings for swim-up bridges and balconies to the views of the harbour.