Lauren Gallop

I am a highly motivated, passionate designer. I pride myself on designing bold projects, that reflect the site and project. I believe a good design is one that encourages emotional responses and I aim to manipulate mood and emotion through space. I am a determined perfectionist and feel I have great attention to detail in my designs. I believe design should make an impact on and improve lives. All my projects have a strong connection to nature, I think it is important to reconnect to our natural surroundings. I thoroughly enjoy model making, material play and prefer to communicate

my design through sketches. During my time at university, in my second year I was a Student PAL leader for first years, subsequently winning an award and during my third year I was Student Rep. Both roles allowed me to gain valuable skills for the future.

The Mori Project - Ground Floor

The Mori Project is a woodcraft community centre, designed to aid stress and loneliness in the aftermath of Covid-19 and the UK lockdowns. This visualisation shows the ground floor where visitors can experience casual, walk-in, group spoon whittling workshops.

The Mori Project - Workshop Spaces

The design was inspired by Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing). The buildings internal levels have been removed to create split mezzanine levels for connected spaces with nooks and crannies, like forests, for different activities. Biophilia has been used to aid wellbeing.

The Mori Project - Roots Café

The pop up café for local independent businesses, as a nod to the buildings history, was inspired by mycorrhizal fungi and how it allows trees to communicate through their roots as a community. The translucent glass ceiling connects the spaces.

Second Year Brand Project

Flagship store designed for Mabboo, Bristol. The design is a conceptual bamboo forest using light and shadow play. Hanging charred bamboo panels hung in front of LED panels create a walkway entrance inspired by Kyoto Bamboo Forest in Japan.

Second Year Dom-Ino House Project

House interior and exterior was designed for artist Rachel Whiteread using Le Corbusier's Dom-Ino framework. Visualisation showing rooftop terrace with views over the Avon Gorge. Design inspiration was taken from the artists work and the rare wildflower meadow on site.

First Year Pavilion Project

Modular pavilion design with a glowing resin mead bar for Temple Church, Bristol. Design inspiration taken from the original Georgian gate. The pavilion was left open to expose to the elements and surrounding nature to celebrate the building's unique charm.