Mariana Franco Lima

I am a curious designer striving to bring client’s stories and values to life through inspiring spaces and well-crafted solutions. Materials, memories and meanings drive my designs, which I always approach with a fresh mindset and a strong sense of purpose.

My background in PR, and multi-cultural outlook, give me the confidence to navigate various environments and understand individual needs and visions. A creative and analytical personality equip me to deliver elegant, practical - yet surprising - long-lasting design solutions.

RippleHub Bristol

The RippleHub is a place to celebrate local food. Referencing the surrounding body of water, the design combines the building’s original fabric with well-considered bespoke additions to create a series of interconnected and inviting spaces fitted with natural materials.

Ripple Cafe

Bespoke materials give the space a unique identity

Ripple Cafe lounge

Comfortable seating and calm atmosphere to gaze at the river. Bespoke floor tile design inspired by the building's and surrounding reflections in the water creates a link between the interior & exterior environments while ensuring a sense of place

Audio visual gallery

Event space with water-inspired suspended installation, cinema room, projection mapping facilities, indoor vegetable beds, triple-height spaces, and ample river views

Market stall

A revolving indoor market stall allows different layout configurations within the market floor. The design features bespoke materials and provides ample product display, while interchangeable signage allows vendors to showcase their brand whilst maintaining cohesion throughout the space.

Rio desk

Inspired by Rio de Janeiro's curvy landscape and its reflections in water, the Rio desk features different iterations of birch plywood. The shaped upstand and tabletop grooves prevent desk accessories from rolling off and suggest the desk faces the room