Siu Yim Chan,Eunis

I am a passionate interior design professional with expansive international design experience, specialising in high-end Residential & Hospitality projects. My portfolio also includes projects in Retail, Commercial spaces, and Education. I am a problem-solver immersed in design, with a clear ambition to improve the way people live their lives. I aim to bring my wealth of experience to every project and to create spaces with their own sense of identity and character. In the future, I hope to continue and develop my experience practising in Hospitality Design, to creating bespoke projects in different cities around the globe.

BODYARD - Spa and Hotel Design

This project that represents the history of Downs water tower, also celebrated the local plants - a series of the journey to help people embrace their inner herbalist spirit and explore how to boost their physical and mental health.

BODYARD - Spa and Hotel Design. (Main Pool) The spa of the journey is a highly sensory experience.

Here you lose touch with the physicality of your body and become immersed in a feeling of transcendence. The water supports your entire body and your mind is free to float away and so you enter a state of relaxation.

BODYARD - Spa and Hotel Design. (Herb Greenhouse)

To respond to the essential oil steaming process, a newly added greenhouse to the site, through the underground spa distributes hot air to the upper greenhouse. The greenhouse is dedicated to growing key botanical ingredients used in spa and therapy.

BODYARD - Spa and Hotel Design. (Rooftop Reflective Pool)

The rooftop reflecting pool reflected the surrounding nature, to provide a platform for visitors to be one as nature.

BODYARD - Spa and Hotel Design. (Lobby)

Journey view point connected to nature: The tension is really creating a differential of interest between the different zones or elements in the frame, causing the eyes of the viewer to flow between one and the other.

BODYARD - Spa and Hotel Design. (Section)

Inspired by the distillation process, the whole process important to use water, heat, cold, herb to produce the organic essential oil for treatment use. Important in any steps conceived a sensory journey that takes visitors through the process of distillation.