Sophie Dickeson

I am driven by sustainability, value and historical context. These help me to explore a strong concept for projects and allow me to develop meaning within my designs, which is of high importance to me in my practice. I enjoy sketching and visualizing, I believe these are two of my strongest skills. I am also passionate about materials and texture. I especially enjoy discovering materials origins, in order to guarantee sustainability and ensure that my design will have the smallest effect on the planet as possible.

Basement Roots - Hydroponics

A maze of growing structures that hold the hydroponic growing space of the building, formed in a specific way in the space to simulate roots.

Ground Floor Trunk - Kitchen

The ground floor is where the kitchen/dining experience takes place, the kitchen is placed in a curved setting to allow for one half of the group to watch the food being prepared by the other half of the group.

First Floor Scaffold - Workshop

The first floor is home to the lino printing workshop, which is an ode to the buildings graphic printing past. The user can lino print onto ceramic plates that they will eventually end up eating off of.

Visual showing the top floor of the building which is entirely a greenhouse with a sensory garden that allows you to learn while you grow.

Second Floor Crown - Greenhouse

The greenhouse is where the traditional growing takes place, it includes a sensory garden which allows the user to hands on learn whilst they are helping to grow in a field to fork experience, in the community based garden.

Birch Bark Installation

The birch bark installation runs through the 3 upper floors of the building, representing the layers of the tree and connecting the floors together, while helping to reduce stress and create a better learning environment due to its restorative properties.