Floyd Panizales

Pictures for me are about archiving the art of our experience. They are fraction of time, yet hold infinite feeling. Feeling that can not be affected or tainted or limited by time. When I work with photography, I like to collect these feelings, and create canvases for the expressions of our life. When I work with video, I see that as the flow of time in which we move through the effort of our creation. In this sense, photo and video are the same for me. I enjoy the process of experimentation and continual reflection within my work as

I believe this is pinnacle in creating something entirely unique to you.

Virtual Graveyard

An AR app created using Unity and Vuforia that depicts and zombification of past selves which have been discarded after following a 'digital detox' which changed my outlook on digital media.


An AR app created using Unity and Vuforia that portrays a distorted recollection of fragmented memories derived from my archive of family albums. Portraying the nature of photography as a fluid state through data glitching.

Virtual Purgatory

A video intended to projected that entails a message to myself that serves as a warning not to get lost again in the hyperreality of the digital world. A piece created from exploring different forms of self writing.


A group project creating a experimental soundscape short film showing the mundanities of everyday life and the attempt to break the cycle of the everyday.

PDF - click image to view


Fragmented moments created through using my mobile phone as a reflective surface, creating a juxtaposition of old and new.

Encoding Death

An immersive video intended to be projected that holds instances of death that have deeply affected me. Recoded through multiple forms of data manipulation creating a new understanding of death supplemented by a poem that unites my creative process.