Katie Scott

Having recently graduated from my course, Media, Culture and Production, I have gained rich experience in my chosen specialist mediums of film and photography. Recently my video 'The Construction of Femininity' was included in the Bristol Women's Voice International Women's Day 2021 online short film screening hosted by the Cube Microplex in Bristol.

This was a valuable and inspiring experience, as I was able to have my work viewed in professional capacity as well as have my film represent female filmmakers in Bristol. This also gave me confidence in myself as a practitioner. My studies have left me aspiring

for a career in television production, as I have a creative eye for visuals and I thrive in an environment where I can work with other creative individuals.

The Construction of Femininity

An exploration of the repetitive rituals women go through in order to be accepted into society in the same way that our male counterparts do.

The Monotony of Lockdown

This film explores the everyday mundane habits and routines we have and how these have been exacerbated through the confines of a national lockdown.

PDF - click image to view

Our Place In The City

This series of images reflects the ways in which people occupy urban spaces with the easing of lockdown rules, as well as highlighting the interconnectedness of human experience.