I am an artist specialising in printmaking and illustration. During the MA I have made work exploring my own health and wellbeing and developing my understanding of the relationship between creativity and health has compelled me to find a way to support this for others.

In 2020, I was awarded an Impact and Innovation Scholarship by UWE’s Enterprise team and created a project titled ‘Who’s caring for you?’ which considered the ways that healthcare staff support their own wellbeing. Throughout the year I have found ways to connect the concept and intention with the making process and sensitively capture

the themes of care and reflection through my own artistic experiences interpreting participant responses to creative tasks and prompts. The work is still ongoing and has provided a jumping-off point for further research and engagement with those working in health.

Who's caring for you?

One of a series of nine printed handkerchiefs made for 'Who's caring for you?'; made in response to answers from a group of healthcare staff who were asked to share something they would shrink down and carry for comfort.

Who's caring for you?

A series of ceramic objects made for a group of healthcare staff as part of 'Who's caring for you?' the objects are intended to ground the holder and provide comfort through touch.


Illustrated poster made as a way to politely communicate the need for space when living with others.

Health and Wellbeing

Two of a series of twenty illustrated compositions representing health and wellbeing.

One step ahead

A multi-block linocut print based on the song 'One Step Ahead' by Aretha Franklin.

Illustrating Low Self Esteem

One of a series of two illustrations made in response to a resource about self-esteem made by the charity Mind.