Emily Jones

Emily is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Bristol. Her body of work often explores telling narratives about individuals lives and focusing on small intimate details that help to portray their story. She has an interest in the connection between people and place, often following the same subject over a significant period of time.

Her most recent body of work 'An English Dream', was initially formed from her appreciation of the physical landscape. Through her photographs she explores spaces that are often overlooked, aiming to find the beauty in the mundane.

Like Father, Like Son

This series examines my father, his childhood and how his own father influenced his life. It presents us with an index of objects, portraits and archival scans – each capturing a moment within my father’s life.

An English Dream

Through observing the ever-changing landscape of suburban living around Bristol. I aim to portray a skewed version of the English dream, by documenting sites where the natural and man-made conflict and interact to form a new kind of landscape.


This series explored the connection between people and their environment through documenting them in their own homes. I aimed to focus on the personal details found in their surroundings that helped to portray their unique narrative.