Moon Immisch

Moon is a Bristol-based Photographer and Creative Director who grew up between Spain and India.
As an artist, she enjoys keeping her photographic practice open and experimental, without forcing her work into a singular niche. Her current work explores the boundary between fine art & fashion, with an emphasis on femininity.
Through her work, Moon explores themes of gender, capitalism, religion, and the human condition whilst drawing inspiration from art, nature, and the people around her.


A project exploring an alternative female utopian reality made up of unusual neon landscapes and powerful otherworldly female creatures who have evolved out of nature.

Through this project, I hope to create a world that celebrates femininity, freedom, and growth in all its different forms.

“The woman who maintained her independence through all her servitudes will ardently love her own freedom in Nature.” - Simone de Beauvoir

Transcending from our male-dominated reality to a higher matriarchal divine feminine Talk about fashion influences The work explores the boundary between fine art and fashion photography, borrowing from both mediums.

The aim of this body of work is to empower the viewer through the creation of a world I would rather inhabit than our current one.