Celina Sherlock

I explore emotional, human and mythological concepts in my work, using CG technology and
software to create progressive visual narratives.
Outside of animation, I am also a drag performer, which is why I am interested in pursuing the use of technology like motion capture and augmented and virtual reality further to blend physical performance, storytelling and digital realms.

Artist's statement: The dancefloor is my battleground. My body is my weapon with rhythm as its ammunition. I am fuelled by every point of contact between my feet and the ground.
I am a voyager through invisible realms by which I shed

myself of my skin, moulding it eternally into new shapes, calling it new names.

Basileus (teaser trailer)

This is the teaser trailer for my film Basileus. It tells the story of two siblings’ paths to adulthood in a prehistoric matriarchal village in Southern Europe. Made using Maya, UE5, Xsens MVN (motion capture suit) and After Effects.

The outside

This project explores a growth into gender euphoria, through 3D fractal imagery. Fractals appear everywhere, linking the waves, to the mountains, to the cosmos, to our own heartbeats. Made using Mandelbulb 3D, Maya and After Effects.

This piece further explores my fractals project, hereby delving further into exploring the realms of digital nature. This world you see here came into being by the same laws as ours did.

Birds of a feather

I also love to paint concept art. What I am most interested in as a visual experience is exploring the mood and atmosphere of the narrative. This painting depicts two young lovers in the world of Niels Holgerson.