Cleo Parker

Cleo is a filmmaker from York, currently based in Bristol. She specialises in character design and visual development. She loves storytelling in all kinds of mediums, working collaboratively on projects, and coming up with new ways to design and tell stories! Her most recent film 'The Last Straw' is what she's spent her final year at university making, along with her fabulous team.

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Character design portfolio

A portfolio of my favourite character designs I've done over my time at University.

'The Last Straw'

My final year film 'The Last Straw' is a stop-motion, family friendly film. My roles: director, storyboard artist, production designer, fabrication. I'm so proud of this film and my team for making it possible.

'The Big Top'

'The Big Top' was a collaborative film I made in my second year. It has travelled the world in festivals and has won a craft award at the RTS student awards. My roles: director, storyboard artist, animator, fabricator.