Mae Brickley

Hi! My name is Mae, I’m a 2D animator based in Bristol. I’m familiar with various 2D animation software and also have basic knowledge of rigging in Toon Boom Harmony. Seeking a junior animator role and development of technical skills to become a skilful animator/rigger. I like meeting new people, and thrive when working in a team. I love the process of designing characters and bringing them to life with performance. In my spare time I enjoy life drawing, boxing, bowling, and pool.

Character Animation Showreel

This showreel demonstrates my ability to bring performance into animation.

Ranger/Cop Turnaround

This character was inspired by the audio clip I used for a lip sync. The audio was from the film 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri'. This character is inspired by Sam Rockwell's character, Jason Dixon.

Dripping mobile

A recent Illustration turned gif. I started thinking about where our luxury items come from and the damage they do, which is where the idea for the image came from.


A character I designed for an ongoing personal project. When creating this character I played with lots of square shapes.

Rigged walks

I designed, rigged and animated this character doing various walks to get to grips with this process.

Puppet breakdown

The design of the puppet is broken down into parts. This process was new to me so I reworked another character design. Making this puppet was helpful to learn rigging but I also really enjoyed it.