Martyna Sikończyk

Hi! I’m a Polish director and 2D animator, with a love for animated drama in particular.

As a storyteller, I'm passionate about the medium of animation being taken seriously, and its potential with older audiences being appreciated. As an animator, I love the possibility for exaggeration and clarity that animation affords, and my work is notable for its sense of weight.

My final year film, The Spring of Nijinsky, explores the life of the doomed choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky and one of his ballets, Rite of Spring.

The Spring of Nijinsky - Trailer

The trailer for my final year film - The Spring of Nijinsky.

The Spring of Nijinsky colour keys

In my film, I wanted to convey the protagonist's downwards spiral into madness without changing the basic colour schemes of the locations. These colour keys explore three locations throughout the film.

Bee Girl Turnaround

A character I designed for The Pursuit, a project from my 1st year.

Character Illustrations

Original works. I have a well-documented love for red/purple colour schemes, and have been known to indulge in edgy visuals.


T-shirts I screenprinted to raise funds for our degree show. It was a challenging process - especially the three-colours-on-black design - but I enjoyed it immensely.