Molly Keogh-Milne

I am a visual development and concept artist based in Bristol. Experimenting with different materials and styles, I am able to achieve unique aesthetics and atmospheres unique for each project I undertake. I enjoy the attention to detail worldbuilding allows: it gives me the opportunity to explore every facet of character and environment design from vast terrains to intricate props and costumes.

Field 1

Environment study, practising landscapes.

Field 2

Environment study, practising landscapes.


Landscape study of mountain scenery for my project 'The Nightingale', a reimagining of the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale of the same name.

Strawberry Fairy

Character concept for a 'Strawberry Fairy', for my 'Mythology' project.

Angel Flower Fairy

Character concept for an 'Angel Flower Fairy', for my 'Mythology' project.

Mermaid Cave

Illustration for my 'Mythology' project.