Chung Meng Ma (Orlando)

I am a 3D modeller with 2+ Years Experienced in 3D modelling and Texturing. I was born in Hong Kong and studied CG animation in Maya and Blender. I am really passionate about character modelling. I specialise in organic and hard surface modelling and can adapt to any style, whether cartoonish or realistic.

Hard Surface Modeling Showreel 2021-2022

The collection of my best 3D Hard Surface Models that I have created in my final year.

Killing Mechine

A behemoth war machine, this interpreted from the AT-AT walker in Star Wars.


This character interpreted from the BB-8 and D-O in Star Wars.


A character combined insect and robot. The idea of putting the character on the base was interpreted from Warhammer 40k, thus creating a battle scene.