Alannah Tyler Morris

Alannah Morris is an artist that uses photography, drawing, painting, and printmaking to approach a variety of different subjects but her current focus has been based on climate change and how it is affecting the flood plains of Farndon, England where she comes from. The floods that reoccur regularly have become more unpredictable, more severe, and more devastating due to climate change and urbanization forcing people out of their homes and destroying both land and properties in the area. Through her work, Alannah hopes to convey fragility and beauty through detailed realistic imagery. Her melancholic depictions are emotionally driven

by personal experience which she channels into an authentic representation of the subject she is portraying.

Where the Road Ends

This piece is a realistic pencil drawing from a photograph I took when wading through the floods back home which I evidently had to stop because the water became too deep and too powerful to carry on.

Perfect Symmetry

This drypoint print shows the beauty of the floods when they start to recede, the landscape is suddenly reflected all around you in the small still deposits of water left after the river drops back in its banks.

The Radio Tower

This A3 pencil drawing shows the radio tower that I live near surrounded by water that spans across the entire field it is situated in.

My Back Garden February 2021

This drypoint print is a representation of the way my back garden looked during the flooding in February 2021 which was so severe the garden was underwater for nearly a month.

Walking to the Gate

This A5 graphite drawing depicts my partner walking down to our gate during a flood at the start of this year.

PDF - click image to view

A Selection of Work

This PDF contains a selection of work I have completed over the past 3 years that could not fit within the showcase which include, industrial landscapes, portraiture, lino prints and gothic art.