Charlotte Knaggs

Charlotte is a visual artist and painter who's work concerns an interruption of the everyday view of the known world, exploring the intricate diagrams and patterns that lie just beneath the surface. Depictions of craggy rockfaces and vast weathered moorlands, spaces that are integral to her personal history, evoke a sense of timelessness and ancient knowledge that transcends temporal reality.
History and land, particularly Neolithic land art, influences patterns and motifs that express an appreciation for the world. Her work fluctuates between abstraction and representation; the micro and the macroscopic in a pursuit to illustrate complex themes and concepts.


indulges in many forms of making, enjoying digital drawings and cartoons, as well as drawing, painting, and printmaking, all forms in the expression of her interest in fantasy stories and ancient history.

Our Remnants Reside in the Windswept Wilds

graphite on paper, 594x841mm In the vast empty moorland, these Victorian industrial cottages were abandoned, along with the quarry and railroad, in 1850. The lonely remnants remain, and speak to man's relationship with nature and land.

Quarry Work

acrylic paint on canvas, 850x1300mm


acrylic paint on paper, 594x841mm Patterns represent orbital space patterns, stars, phyllotaxis and tree growth, the structure of interconnected fungi mycelium under the ground, the structure of rock formations and the structure of crystal formations.

Cartograph Lithograph

lithograph on Plike, 360x410mm An investigation into land, contour lines, and biological organisms.

Spiral Universe

acrylic paint on paper, 594x841mm

Cartograph Drawing

ink on paper, 295x420mm