Abbie Fitzpatrick

I am a multi-media image and film-maker, concerned with contemporary social issues. Over the past 3 years, I have aimed to expand my practice to cover all aspects of fashion, such as Creative Direction, Styling, Marketing and much more.

Problems within the fashion industry and wider society have been a big influence on my practice as in the past I have dissected issues such as sustainability, ethics and media misrepresentation, in an effort to make to raise awareness around these topics.

Safe Zine Promotional Video

A short promotional film for the launch of my final year project, Safe Zine. The zine is a non-bias, honest look at many pressing topics of conversation. This first issue explores the use of psychedelics.

Rick Owens Campaign proposal

Proposed as a two-part campaign for Rick Owens, this marketing strategy was inspired by how Rick Owens often looks at the surrounding art world for inspiration.

Scared is the New Sexy

Personal multimedia project exploring the representation of sexual assault in media.


Inspired by the campy look of B-Movie horror, Consume is a two-part short film series reflecting on the horrors of consumerism and fashion's dark past.


An Editorial for Tank magazine, inspired by the feelings of alienation coming out of a pandemic.