Anna Gribben

I am a marketeer and image maker, constructing a bridge between the two roles to achieve a new hybrid perspective through innovative strategies. Through digital content creation and the exploration of social themes within traditional image making I create a strong narrative. I've always been ardent about exploring social themes, which have a personal connection to my values and interests. I use my body of work to connect fashion to new avenues of talent, producing a curated style of work. This is achieved through collaborations and the emerging talent which is casted.

Comfort Moving Image

To accompany the publication that I curated surrounding the topic comfort. I collaborated with local Bristol poet, Akibodun Akiwumi @kiko.writes. I wanted to create movie visuals of the shots which are featured within the body of work.


We wanted to breakdown the stigmas in which mainstream media portray those within the BDSM community. We interviewed and documented our model within her own environment, so the readership can gain a real insight into her life within BDSM.


A campaign centred around the narrative that spontaneous night outs, which tend to be the best. Showcasing the brands t-shirt collaboration with Qube events X Vossy.


This projects investigated the rising trend within lockdown of a desire to be outdoors and it's correlation to PTSD therapy, rising colour and fashion trends.


I taught myself how to create an NFT to fit into a proposed marketing campaign for forward thinking luxury brand, GCDS. Looking into how fashion would fit into the metaverse and strategies to fit the new realm.


Creating a marketing campaign centred around the British shared knowledge surrounding the iconic TV show, Gogglebox.