Hollie Kearns

I am a creative director and image-maker who creates experimental work that celebrates the abnormal and anti-fashion. I have created a range of material that focuses on topics such as extreme sports, carnal bodies, the human psyche and folklore. I have a keen interest in developing and imagining eccentric characters within my work ranging from bodybuilders to punks.

I strive to create work that is tongue-in-cheek, with the intent of capturing the rawness and absurdity of life through my projects, as I believe fashion is made to be fun, relatable and sometimes completely disturbing.

I use a range of techniques to

complete my work, including collaging and design, and I use multiple softwares such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro and InDesign.

I have been listed on the Dean's List twice for academic excellence and have been nominated by my course for the Creative Direction and Styling Award at GFW.

The Hunt

This is the front page of our editorial 'The Hunt', positioned for TANK magazine. This editorial was based on the children's story 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We used TANK's values of humour and storytelling.

F*** The Government - Pheromone Magazine

Image taken from an editorial for Pheromone magazine, a publication I created for my final major project. This issue focuses on fetishes and obsessions, with this editorial exploring one woman's deepest and darkest desires.

Chopova Lowena campaign

This is a selection of hero images from my proposed Chopova Lowena campaign which also featured a proposed collaboration with Asics. The campaign focused on 80's wrestling and extreme sports.

Natural Beauty- Pheromone Magazine

Taken from my magazine looking into fetishes and obsessions, Natural Beauty explores my obsession with messy makeup and extreme beauty.

Pheromone Magazine

Focusing on digital manipulation and extreme body modifications.

On Your Knees- Pheromone Magazine

A gothic style editorial focusing on fetishism and the links between sex and death.