Cal Hagen

My interest is creating visuals to tell a story. Cinematography is my main interest but I have also directed, gaffered, and worked as a colorist on UWE projects. Alongside that, I am working as a freelance videographer and have worked on features as well as TV as a Spark, but I am motivated to become a DoP.

Blind Spot

Blind Spot is my graduation film. It follows the poorly treated labourer Steve and eco-activist Andrea as their worlds collide. I was the DoP on this project.

Pins and Needles

A short of friends saving their mate from the couch with tunes! I shot this on 16mm.


Günther is a green screen man trying to make a name for himself. The story is told of the cumbia: Maria de los Reyes. I shot and directed this piece.

Missing Pieces - Ovarian Cancer Action

This is a 30 second advert for the Ovarian Cancer Action. It was shot on 16mm film and was made for the Nahemi Kodak Competition.


A horror short about a couple in a crisis who have to live in a haunted house.