Eva Sykes

I’m a Bristol-based artist/filmmaker passionate about social realist and experimental film, working with mixed media techniques such as paint, sculpture and stop frame animation. I enjoy observing human nature with all its flaws and imperfections, often exploring challenging dysfunctional characters and relationships, exposing both the agony and the ecstasy which lies beneath. This is expressed in my work which has a visceral quality and can be both grotesque and ethereal at the same time. I also use symbolism and metaphors within my work to create further depth and meaning, and produce images which are engaging, emotionally charged and empathetic.

My approach is versatile and can be seen in my filmmaking, animation, paintings, sculpture, costumes and film poster designs.


Short social realist drama film about a woman who encounters her ex boyfriend at the same club while she is out for her hen party. She grows uneasy as he follows her around and the tension builds between them.

This Body

Experimental short film exploring the meaning of self and the human body using different mediums.

OTR Commercial: Know Your Worth

30 second stop frame animated commercial for OTR's Shameless campaign about body image and finding self worth.

Rewilding commercial

Stop frame animated/experimental film commercial for Extinction Rebellion Rewilding demonstrating the benefits of restoring our relationship with nature.

Craft Lab

Costumes created for Craft Lab module that symbolise a woman's perception of her body through the ageing process.