Hannah Mizen

After 5 years of filmmaking education, I've dabbled in a multitude of roles across the entire production process, ranging all the way from concept development to the final export. However, I have come to realise my true passion and expertise lie within documentary editing. During my time at university I have worked on 3 short documentaries, 2 of which I edited. Watching a compelling story come together from hours of disjointed rushes is my favourite part of the whole filmmaking process.

However, my experience does extend beyond documentary. I have worked on short drama films, music videos, experimental films, commercials,

promotional films and more. I’m constantly challenging my creative ability. In my third year at university, I began to teach myself animation and have started incorporating this into my filmmaking.


'Alfredo' is a short documentary I edited depicting an 80-year-old skier with a true love for his hometown of Bormio in Italy, as he goes through the motions of grief and acceptance after the passing of his wife.


In this short documentary, of which I co produced/directed, we get a glimpse into the life of Max Fiore, a young disable athlete as he aims to reach the Paralympics.

Soil Association - Earth & You

This short animated campaign video I created for the soil association aimed to encourage the public to make small changes in their lives to benefit the environment.

EcoStardust - Promotional Film

Within a small crew, I was involved in preproduction, production and postproduction for this promotional film for EcoStardust, a biodegradable glitter makeup company.

Caramel Afternoon

This short film, of which I edited, depicts the struggles of Alzheimer's disease as Arthur drifts in and out of lucidity while lost and confused.

Matro Rancho | Road Train

Within a small crew, I was involved in preproduction, production and postproduction for this music video for Matro Rancho, focusing on their heavily 70s/80s inspired aesthetic.