Jamie Hall

I'm a highly passionate and motivated filmmaker with vast experience within the Camera and Lighting department. While at UWE, I have been fortunate to work as Gaffer, Cinematographer and 1st AC, while also exploring the roles of Casting Director and Colourist. While my interests remain within Cinematography, I was fortunate to direct two promotional videos for Minirig, an experience I really enjoyed.

I will continue to pursue my career as a cinematographer and hope I can continue to push myself as a filmmaker.

I Dance Solo

A drama set during the height of the AIDS epidemic, exploring isolation, love and betrayal. Role - Gaffer

Music Clash - A Minirig Promo

In this video we see a competition for the best sound, with Minirig ultimately beating all its competition. Role - Director


Working in a care home, Jess discovers that there is something far more sinister at play. Role - 1st AC, Colourist

Clown Me In

A Documentary exploring the positive effects of Clowning on mental health and how it can be a force for change. Role - D.O.P


After their house burns down, Leila and Roy have to move into Roy’s Aunt’s old manor. As night falls, Leila wakes up and Roy is missing, and she must escape the demon that has replaced him. Role - Gaffer

An Inclination

A dystopian drama where android Joe-2287 is suspected of developing emotions. This film explores the idea of being human. Role - Gaffer, Casting Director