Leah Diepenbroek

My lecturers and classmates would describe me as enthusiastic, empathetic, punctual and organised. I can work well in a team and also lead when necessary. In my second year on the production of 'A Right Charlie' I was voted "Best on Set" for positive attitude and going the extra mile. Also, I am able to think on my feet and I am a natural problem solver.

I Dance Solo

It was a delightful experience to be casting director and script supervisor on 'I Dance Solo'. Written and directed by the amazing Luke Howse.

Robbie Wrecked The Band

Enjoyed being casting assistant and script supervisor on this production. A wonderful crew that worked incredibly hard! Written and directed by the talented Chloe Ireland.

A Better Way

Mooncup advert for the NAHEMI-Kodak competition on 16mm film. Great experience to be gaffer and assistant director on this commercial. Written and directed by the lovely Indigo Thompson.