Rebecca Edery

I am an artist and writer based in Bristol . Each piece begins with writing which is then translated into audio and visual artworks. I aspire to design and deliver text-based art workshops as a key part of my socially engaged practice. I want to use art as a way to build community and facilitate a collective understanding of art and it's relevance to everyday life.

I have experience facilitating peer-led workshops at UWE's studios at Spike Island. I have previously delivered workshops including experimental film workshops, reading groups, writing and sound art workshops.

Natural Abilities

Part 1. Why do women where make-up? Natural Abilities (2022) by Rebecca Edery Duration: 8 minutes 34 seconds

Believe (2022)

Believe (2020) Film Duration: 4 minutes 33 seconds

PDF - click image to view

Anon Bro

A short Art-Writing text about gambling, crypto bros and bounty hunters. This book was printed and hand-bound for Spike Open 2022.

High-Value Man Definition

High-Value Man Definition Poster, Digital Print (2022)

Standing Pic Definition

Standing Pic Definition Poster, Digital Print (2022)