Rosie Marie McVey

Hello! I am Rosie McVEY currently a Fine Art Student intrigued by the experimental aspects of animation. Exploring modes of visual communication through abstracting imagery to create uncanny forms.
Primarily, I experiment with moving imagery , 2D animation and digital sound. I am enthusiastic about Interdisciplinary practice and pushing boundaries of the borders between.

One More Time Around

My digital visuals are inspired by philosophical ideations, I think about what binds us into being and consider the disconnect and depersonalization of navigating the reality in which we find ourselves. Warped Projection, 3D model.

On The Brink Crisis

On The Brink Crisis. Merging forms, thinking about scale, implicating movement, and uid concepts. Presented as projection, installed at an angle to present the image with varying viewpoints. This work considers scale.

Dysmorphic Entity

Distorted projection, stretched across the room, depicting eshy forms. Digitally painted still image. Installation 4096 x 1714 px Created on: Procreate, Photoshop Fragmented form, and distorted imagery, are stipulated through the altered perspective of projection. Consciousness, the matter, and immaterial.

State Between

Impulsively Independent. Time: 05:14 Submerging the figure within the space, exploring my sense of belonging in the work, and establishing a narrative. Driven by the use of technology and the implications of digital within physical exhibited setting.

Forget me not

I established concerns with timing and the role that plays in moving image. Pertaining to the development of time unfolding. This animation is installed into the Degree Show Reel at Spike Island with a series of seven named intrusion.


Formulated to feel awkward and misplaced- to relay a dysphoric state, prevailing a dialogue between abstracted figuration and the animated features. The animateted forms infest the film and are combined with jarring sound, exhibiting ominous undertones.