Rosie Bowers

Hi, my name is Rosie and I am a Junior Motion Designer.

In my practice, I am drawn to learning new techniques and enjoy the challenge of unfamiliar software. As a result, over MA Graphic Arts I have explored both 2D and 3D motion using After Effects, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D. I wish to continue this in the future and focus my practice around play.

In my final project on the course, I explored the concept of home in relation to space, place, and identity, using frame-by-frame animation and photography. Referring to my theoretical research on the topic, I first

developed a short passage of writing to summarise my findings. The animation visualises this and is accompanied by a voice-over.


An animation exploring the concept of home through its relationship with space, place, and identity. Created in Photoshop and After Effects. Animation by Rosie Bowers, voice-over by Jenna McDonald, and sound by Matthew Williams.

Analysing Practice in Graphic Arts - Final Outcome

Exploring place identity through the sights and sounds associated to Bristol. Created with Cinema 4D.

MA Graphic Arts: Creative Histories

Motion piece briefed, developed, and created within 3 weeks for MA Graphic Arts 'Creative Histories' project 2021.

'Home' - Visual Development

Short behind the scenes video for 'Home', showing the stages of visual development.