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Hey, my name is Sophia, I am a German communication designer, currently based in Bristol.

My work is based on unconventional approaches and free visual exploration of materials, interesting textures and shapes. I love to structure and organise information in an approachable way, always looking for systems which are accessible to everyone.

Recently, I dived into the world of creative coding. Understanding how code works opened up new ways of thinking and designing, which I want to explore further. If I am not working on a project, I am drawing crumpled packets of crisps on my iPad. I am just so

fascinated by the wrinkles.


WHAT'S THAT SOUND? is an audio-reactive poster campaign that promotes Bristol’s sonic identity and draws attention to noise pollution. All posters are created using javascript and react to surrounding acoustic settings. A website provides further information about the campaign.

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Sound is a fundamental part of our cities. It contributes to the vibrancy and urban identity of a place, as well as the health and wellbeing of its citizen. Unfortunately, sound is often overlooked or simply overshadowed by noise.

The campaign promotes the soundscapes of Bristol and lets them come to life. Digital posters around the city invite you to take off your headphones, pause for a moment and listen to the acoustic universe around you.