Amy Wright

My name is Amy Morag Wright, I am a Graphic Designer, originally from Wokingham, Berkshire- Now located in Bristol.

My work is predominantly posters and publications, and I am passionate about type and print. I also have lots of experience with photography and film. I put a lot of my personality and emotion into projects, I think this makes my work truly unique.

It is important to me to make as much of my work environmentally friendly. I am passionate about using recycled paper and up-cycling where possible.

Artificial Sun

A publication containing a series of images of the sun created using an Artificial intelligence app. The publication is paired with 4 digitally embroidered, circular patches.

Sun X Pollution

An informative publication about the effects that air pollution has on the sun. Including how it changes the colours of the sunset and rise, and how damaging it can be to the environment.

How are you feeling?

A zine about mental health, showing images from a CT scan of my own brain, that become deeper into my brain as the mental health questions become more personal and impactful.

Do not go gentle

A poetry book printed on folex transparent paper, with white screen printed sections. The poem repeats the name of the poem throughout, the highlighted sections, as well as the interpretive text layout represent the rhythmic flow of the poem.

Sun rise Sun set

Poster about air pollution's effect on the sun. It is printed on Cup-cycling paper and framed in phosphoric ink that reacts to the sun's UV rays.