Camilla Owen

Hello! I'm a graphic designer specialising in publication and exhibition-related design. I aim to use design to encourage conversation centred around social issues and contribute to seeking their resolution. Projects I have worked on include a t-shirt series about Bristol's housing crisis, as well as collaborating on conceptualising and designing an accreditation scheme campaigning for a better hybrid working schedule for menstruators, which has since won an RSA Student Design Award.

I have a love for designing with archives and in relation to exhibitions. This semester I have worked with the Feminist Archive South, in response to the V&A's 'Fashioning

Masculinities' exhibition, and designed the catalogue for our graphic design course's 2022 final year show. I have also been part of our course's final year publication design team, working on the design, fundraising, production and launch of the book 'I am an Eye, a Mechanical Eye'.

Your Jeans Are Plastic

A collaborative poster series raising awareness of plastic materials in high street denim. We put the posters up along Bath highstreet to encourage shoppers to look at the the materials in fast fashion and shop sustainably if able to.

Muffin Tops & Love Handles

Muffin Tops & Love Handles is a publication that aims to normalise belly fat. The book explores the social pressures and stigmas around having belly fat through articles, interviews and showcasing photographers who work to break down the stigma.

Messages To Landlords

Part of a screen-printed t-shirt series communicating messages to landlords and policy makers in Bristol in relation to the city's housing crisis.