Katerina Kirilova

I’m a graphic design graduate who constantly experiments with and expands her design, creative and artistic skills. Therefore, I enjoy doing research, generating concepts and learning new techniques as much as making outcomes. I take inspiration from reality and use it as a canvas to express the inner world of individuals. I mix physical and digital, seen and unseen, complex notions and simple forms.

My work consists of short animations and design artworks based on surreal narratives, which question current beliefs and practices.

Showreel 2022

I'm Okay

We regularly have routine appointments for our physical health or immediately seek help when we feel indisposed. But why don’t we treat the same our mental issues?


This project visualises the different ways in which we experience time. When we wait, it usually goes too slow, but when we are focused on doing something, it flies quickly.

It's Not Cool to Wear a Helmet

I asked graduating design students what they worry about and transformed their answers into a helmet! More about this project on my website: https://knkreation.com/visual_arts_its_not_cool_to_wear_a_helmet


A pair of GIFs presented as an AR road signs that warn about the double nature of the NDAs.

Design Weapon

“The life of the designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness.”- Massimo Vignelli. This 3D artwork is inspired by Vignelli’s quote, which remind us about the purpose of artists and designers.