Daisy HP

Hi, I am Daisy HP, also known as ArtySwami.

I am a Bristol-based printmaker, book artist and rubber stamp carver/artist.

I have a passion for process, I pride myself on my technical craftsmanship and knowledge base. I love applying my relief printmaking knowledge to contemporary applications and using lo-fi printmaking techniques to apply to briefs. I think of my work as light-hearted but using a graphic, heavy black line work throughout.

I have experience in multiple areas, having worked for multiple creative screen printing companies as well as selling my own work, my ambition is to learn as much as

possible. Anything to do with the print world and craftsmanship is of interest to me and anywhere that I can apply this knowledge is also of interest.

I hope that in the future, I am able to apply my knowledge to packaging solutions, such as beer labels and wine.


Linoprint, 2022 Used this lino print as a background for some later work in my book, Passport - this image was used a background for a relocation card. I wanted to use a graphic, slightly German expressionist influenced style.

Spread from artist's book, "Passport"

In my final project, I explored the visual language of officialdom and printed matter whilst exploring deeply personal themes to see what the combination of these would create when used in a narrative. This image is one of the spreads.

Squiggle Samples

This print is sample that I made to use for surface pattern design. I am currently building a bank of pattern samples to use for packaging designs in the future.

My Precious, 2022

This is a lino print that I did as an ode to my tools. I pride myself on craftsmanship and process, so I created a piece that shows this passion.

Selection of Mini Prints

As part of my relief printing practice, I regularly carve rubber stamps. Here is a selection of individual prints from various projects.

Mini Print Deck

To house my ongoing collection of mini prints, I made a set of mini print decks. I designed and laser-cut the deck and continually add to the deck each time I carve a new stamp.