Daniel Fegalquin

I'm Daniel and I'm an illustrator who enjoys drawing people. My work revolves around culture and identity; my interest in people motivates me to illustrate different stories and I want to use my work to celebrate the colourful differences of humanity. My style isn't set in stone but I'd say I'm influenced by the styles of the early modern period such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I tend to be playful with my work as I enjoy reinterpreting the real world through expressive lines, shapes and colours.

Even though I'm a very visual person, I also love to

read which is why I'm interested in creating editorial work or taking inspiration from whatever I read be it a book or the news. I enjoy taking ideas and inspiration from texts and turning these into something visual because let's face it, who doesn't like looking at pictures?


This is part of my final year project on men's fashion. Inspired by Jo Brocklehurst's work, this piece is an expression of the fluidity of gender and how menswear can be more experimental and ecclectic.

Club Kid

Inspired by the New Romantics movement from the 70s and 80s, this piece illustrates the playfulness of the style and expresses the idea of men having the freedom to experiment with their style.

Bet You Didn't Know About Paul Alexander

A concertina piece illustrating some of the details in Paul Alexander's life and career. It also showcases the skate culture in Bristol. This piece was submitted to the Bristol Artists Book Event 2022 as a concertina book.

Land of the Free

An illustrative commentary around the concept of America being the 'land of the free' considering the current state of the country. The previous years have been the most polarising times that America has been both politically and socially.

A Man Who Emulated a Woman

Pepper Labeija was the founder of the drag house of Labeija. Featured in the documentary 'Paris is Burning', Pepper embodied the true essence of drag and is considered one of the pioneers of the modern drag scene.