Esme Beer

Hi, I'm Esme Beer. I'm a multidisciplinary illustrator based in South London.

I work in a range of materials including ink, collage and watercolour. Within my work, I enjoy manipulating mood, texture and negative space. I am often inspired by my surroundings, especially through natural and urban landscapes, and objects.

Providing education through visual means is important to me. I also enjoy creating work that brings the beauty back into mundane or as an escapism.

Cluttered Bathroom Sink

From a zine about university and sharing spaces.

My Brother Swimming

From a series of travel paintings based from my personal photographs.

Grandad's Jam Jar

From a book on grief and the objects they leave behind.

Neighbours House

Painting experimenting with negative space and blue ink to manipulate mood.

Brain Fog Symptoms Poster

From a series of health posters about increasing awareness of gluten intolerance symptoms.

Observational Drawing

From a project about the importance of objects to our identities.