Helene Wotruba

I'm Helene Wotruba, an illustrator and designer with a love of shape, texture and colour. My work is fun, joyful, and a little bit wacky and my ultimate aim is to make people smile.

My process is very tactile, and I love using a range of different processes, from print to 3D. My current work combines detailed observational pencil drawings with hand-dyed, cut-paper collages where I enjoy taking things out of their original context and turning them into something playful and abstract.

I create narrative work such as picture books and book covers, along with character design, editorial, and murals.


A children's book which follows the journey of a girl (Melody) through a playful and abstract instrument world.

Spread from Melody

Spread from Melody

Spread from Melody

How the air we breathe is a matter of equality

An editorial illustration that discusses how in Bristol’s inner-city areas, residents produce less air pollution than wealthier suburbs, but they suffer the worst effects.

3D Character Models

Models were created from originally hand-drawn characters which were created from an anonymous questionnaire which quizzed people about their experiences learning to play musical instruments.