Lydia Seymour

Hi! I'm Lydia! I'm an illustrator and graphic designer who has a passion for typography, pattern and colour. I love creating pieces of work that push the boundaries of conventional rules surrounding type and composition; this results in my work having a fun, bold style. Over the years I have grown to love pattern and colour and I enjoy turning figurative work into abstract patterned pieces.
I have an interest in advertising and packaging design and would love to work on pieces in this area! I think my visual language lends itself perfectly to this as my work

is eye-catching and narrates ideas in innovative ways.

Slagdoll & Building Blocks

I have created a series of Children's toys surrounding the idea that swearing is not harmful to children. This shows my 'Slagdoll' and building blocks. The doll is interactive and swears when its tummy is pressed.

Knob Magnets

This is an interactive Magnet board that spells out swear words. This is mimicking fridge magnets that children would use to learn to spell with their parents.

Fabric Book

This Fabric book shows the ABCs of swearing. I have used patterns and colours that go along with the ideas surrounding a child's brain development; bright, contrasting colours are all babies can see when they are young.

Fabric Rattle

This Fabric rate has abstract swear words on each side. This is soft and large so it would suit you babies well. It is also similar to the Fabric book it can grab their attention.

Giraffe Puzzle

This is one of three in a collection of puzzles. Each puzzle looks like an animal, this one being a giraffe but when it is taken apart it spells out swear words. This one spells out 'Prick'.