Safira Anabel

Bristol-based Indonesian illustrator and graphic designer.
I like to combine shapes, colours, and texts to visualize narratives and invite the viewers to take a second, even a third look, to understand the meaning and emotions behind the image.
I draw inspiration from myths, poems, and daily life.

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A series of maps inspired by Japanese kanji and the idea to leave my 'mark' as an international student/traveller by documenting the paths I take while living in Bristol.

Shortlisted book cover design for Bristol Short Story Prize 2022

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Lost and Found

A short story about crossing over. Inspired by the myths of fox spirits guiding departed souls to the afterlife.

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3 a.m

A visualization of sleepless nights counting sheep and not getting a wink of rest. A bunch of beds and sheep-words nightmare.


A visualization of the "splash" poem by Charles Bukowski.