Thomas Klappert

I can confidently say that my strengths as an artist lie in creating characters and landscapes with a digital medium. I have enjoyed experimenting with photo bashing, and I am confident in those skills. My dream is to work in the video game industry.

I have created and am continuously updating a portfolio of work, ranging from photo bashing to landscapes and character design. All of which have been done in Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to my formal studies, I am continuously improving my artistic skills and learning from others, either through classroom training or tutorials available on the Internet. Artists

from many periods and with different styles have inspired me, including Dave Greco, H.R. Giger, and Cole Eastburn.


My version of the new playable race in the next World of Warcraft expansion.


A Worgen from World of Warcraft.

'Mag'har Orc Deathnight'

A Mag'har Orc Deathnight from World of Warcraft. I've enjoyed experimenting with lighting to highlight parts the face.


'Goblin shaman healing'

My goblin shaman working his healing powers on his fury friend.

'Goblin shaman pose'

My goblin character i've been working on.