Zoe Harmon

I am an illustrator/ animator whose passion lies in character creation. My artwork is colourful and usually narrative based. I enjoy creating sequential pieces and often will create work which relies on having more than one panel of work to create a dynamic story. With character design and storyboarding being my main interests, my ultimate goal would be to work on an adult cartoon programme, whether in concept art or storyboarding scenes. I have illustrated a children's book and as part of my final project, have created designs for beer cans; I aim to one day be working with

a brewing company and see my work on real products. I want to experience many different jobs within art and illustration, and I am open to taking my work wherever it's meant to go!

Beaten to the bowl

Still from animation 'Can half empty' seen on my website.

Stills from animation: 'Can half empty'

These are collaged stills from my animation 'Can half empty' featuring Brian the chimp.

One is Company

Digital drawing of gecko man in front of a scanned and edited painting of mine.

A bus stop

Next time you're at a bus stop, I want you to stop and appreciate the absolute variety of individuals that are waiting for the same bus as you. Who are they? Where are they going?

A rooftop companion

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and breathe. I wanted the composition and colour of this piece to carry the narrative.

Oops, how did that get there?

This sequence of illustrations was made to be wrapped around beer cans. As you turn each can, the narrative plays out of 'Glend' the chameleon granny, using her ability to camouflage to steal a drink.