Yu-Ching Huang

As an interior designer, I believe that lifestyle is the foundation of design, and details in design can make life better.

Formulating different perspectives, such as values in existences and abstract concepts in space, are the inspiration for my design. I have a consistent style in working progress to increase productivity. I am bold to experiment with new things but test carefully for the environment. To put myself feet into users’ shoes, to consider their needs and make the living environment better is the main idea of me as an interior designer.

Junction Coworking Space

A coworking space design, with collaborating ideas and working as a community to have a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity, and making positive social impact. Focusing on interaction between human and space.

Diatomaceous Earth Umbrella Stand

A modern, stylish and sustainable umbrella stand has an ecosystem which is designed as water from wet umbrella can watering plants on the other side. Material: Diatomaceous earth , Lime mixture. Dimension: 480x650x580 mm

Domino House - Residential Design

A domino house is designed in modern and minimalism style. Bring a three-story structure of glass in the middle of the house is presented as waterfall installation to connect different floors and rooms.

Mabboo - Retail Design

Design a new store for Mabboo in the centre of Bristol. Inspires by bamboo and chinese traditional culture, the idea of screening is mainly used as concept in the project.