Rachel Marsh (Semple Press)

I am an artist working in letterpress print, film-based photography, and artists books. My work is conceptual – I develop ideas and my understanding through my practice. At the moment I am preoccupied with time: recording the passing of time as it is written into long exposure pinhole photographs, and playing with time – for example enabling simultaneous readings by liberating letterpress printed texts from linearity. I am exploring visual poetry (Vispo) and like to allow chance to disrupt things whenever possible.

A residency with a fellow artist at the Cabin, Bucks Mills, culminated in an exhibition 'Of Such Will

This Room Tell', though I am continuing to explore ideas generated by those 8 days. Through the critical writing component of my MA I discovered that reflection through writing is very important to my practice, so I've just started an email newsletter called Centaur, for the analogue type'n'photo combo curious.

Letterpress printed visual poem of criss crossing text like hessian floor backing, by Rachel Marsh

Hessian poem

Letterpress printed text of half-remembered phrases from letters by Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards to each other while away from the Cabin. 11cm x 11cm. Inspired by the hessian backing of the Lino floor upstairs in the Cabin

Polymer photogravure of a long exposure pinhole photograph of a chair that has been moved several times, by Rachel Marsh

A chair in time

Polymer photogravure of a long exposure (4 hour) pinhole photograph of a chair and basket at the table in the Cabin, Bucks Mills. The chair has been moved several times during the exposure

Letterpress printed metal type in many typefaces printed as a poster, by Rachel Marsh

Texts found in the Cabin

Some of the many texts found in the Cabin, typeset in metal type, and letterpress printed as a broadside. The printed area is A4 in size. It can be read as a found texts visual poem.

Photo-emulsion of pinhole photograph of a fireguard on the fireguard at an exhibition, by Rachel Marsh

Floor and fire guard upstairs at the Cabin

A photo-emulsion darkroom print of a long exposure (2 hour) pinhole photograph of the floor and fireplace upstairs in the Cabin, Bucks Mills, during our exhibition 'Of Such Will This Room Tell' at the Cabin in May 2022.

Typewriter texts enlarged and digitally printed onto fabric, by Rachel Marsh

'Of such will this room tell' (title being the last line of a poem by Mary Stella Edwards)

Visual typewriter poem transcribing the memories from the Lino floor upstairs at the Cabin, which has then been scanned and digitally printed onto fabric and hung on the wall at my MA degree show, approx 100cm x 100cm.

Photo of a double page spread of an artist book called About Time by Rachel Marsh

About Time

Spread from an experimental artist book, letterpress printed on to tracing paper, and pamphlet bound with additional stitching and thread 'time lines'. Approximately A5. 8 pages plus cover.